Health technology company RightEye LLC announced recently that it is releasing a set of baseline concussion norms as well as visual characteristics of elite athletes.

The company made this announcement during the recent National Athletic Trainers’ Association Convention. Its goal for the information release is to help enable athletic teams and coaches to understand the vision strengths and weaknesses that affect player success, and to support rehabilitation efforts in the event of an injury.

The norms were generated via data collected from more than 100 adults age 18 to 45. After aggregating the data from elite athletes who have used RightEye’s eye tracking-based performance vision testing system, an ideal visual baseline for the best possible athletic performance was generated, according to a media release from the company.

“We’re excited to offer top trainers and athletic teams the opportunity to understand what strengths and weaknesses best prepare their players for different positions,” says Barbara Barclay, president of RightEye, in the release.

“By using the power of technology, we can help trainers uncover visual variables in athletes and even understand early detection of concussions and other health issues with a high level of reliability and validity,” she adds.

RightEye uses a cloud-based platform to generate eye tracking reports that physicans can use as a way to view the quality of a patient’s vision and track the success of treatments such as vision therapy.

[Source(s): RightEye LLC, Business Wire]