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A free, May 28 webinar aims to provide attendees key tips on developing a sustainable, successful business model for an aquatic therapy clinic.
A May 14 webinar, hosted by HydroWorx, aims to shed light on potential misconceptions surrounding aquatic therapy and exercise modalities.
The May Pain Management webinar hosted by Topical BioMedics Inc, will focus on the topic, “What You Need to Know About Fibromyalgia.”
Clinicians from across the country reveal key features and functions in the devices they use to address knee and lower extremity rehab.
Managing pain in post total knee replacement plays a key role in successful outcomes.
A variety of the latest integrated software solutions take the spotlight.
A recent survey asks our readers to share their thoughts about the reasons therapists are seeking to advance their degrees.
A “pay-for-use” post-therapy facility allows clients access to specialized equipment, therapy bands, balls, and beyond.
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Facilitating gait and balance recovery post-stroke.
By pairing vital tools with prehabilitation, therapists can help enhance functional capacity prior to orthopedic surgery.
Rehab and retraining of movement patterns can help revamp athletic efficiency postinjury.
Strengthening patients and practice through aquatic therapy
A perspective on industrial workplace injuries.
Smartphones and home-based therapy products help patients stay on track with exercise programs outside of the PT clinic.
To provide well-rounded solutions, therapists should maintain a wide scope of understanding about pain-management products beyond only those that offer reimbursement.
In the treatment of walking impairments, a personalized protocol and technology can help restore mobility in patients affected by neurological injuries.
A comprehensive rehabilitation plan can help a patient manage subacromial impingement syndrome and prevent further injury.
Somatosensory reweighting can be a valuable component in the rehabilitation of patients affected by vestibular impairments.
Exercises designed to challenge the core can be valuable interventions when preventing and treating sports-related injuries.
A webinar presented by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) Learning Center will examine why physical therapy clinics should offer annual checkups.