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Join Frank Long, editorial director of Physical Therapy Products as he speaks with John Wallace, physical therapist, and chief executive officer of BMS Practice Solutions, Upland Calif.
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BestPT offers a new webinar to help physical therapists transition easily to ICD-10.
Billing Dynamix LLC offers a new webinar to teach physical therapy practice owners and managers about its bestPT practice-management software.
Peak Performance Physical Therapy offers a free webinar focusing on how its aquatic therapy program can help rehabilitate patients with a bilateral total hip replacement.
Physical therapists work in harmony to benefit patients and share their expertise.
A nationwide sample of readers share their purchasing strategies and goals for this year and the next.
Vestibular rehabilitation from the patient perspective.
Integrating job requirements and functional testing into treatment can optimize an injured worker’s return to work.
An exploration into how a healthy aquatic program can provide additional income to a private practice.
A free, May 28 webinar aims to provide attendees key tips on developing a sustainable, successful business model for an aquatic therapy clinic.
A May 14 webinar, hosted by HydroWorx, aims to shed light on potential misconceptions surrounding aquatic therapy and exercise modalities.
The May Pain Management webinar hosted by Topical BioMedics Inc, will focus on the topic, “What You Need to Know About Fibromyalgia.”
Clinicians from across the country reveal key features and functions in the devices they use to address knee and lower extremity rehab.
Managing pain in post total knee replacement plays a key role in successful outcomes.
A variety of the latest integrated software solutions take the spotlight.
A recent survey asks our readers to share their thoughts about the reasons therapists are seeking to advance their degrees.
A “pay-for-use” post-therapy facility allows clients access to specialized equipment, therapy bands, balls, and beyond.
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Facilitating gait and balance recovery post-stroke.
By pairing vital tools with prehabilitation, therapists can help enhance functional capacity prior to orthopedic surgery.
Rehab and retraining of movement patterns can help revamp athletic efficiency postinjury.