Nautilus Inc, based in Vancouver, Wash, announces the debut of the Cardio line, part of the company’s Universal brand of fitness equipment.
AMB45 Training Interior
The new ActivMotion Bar, available through OPTP, Minneapolis, is designed to help challenge and activate the core.
Minneapolis-headquartered OPTP introduces the PRO-ROLLER Soft.
Precor, headquartered in Woodinville, Wash, now offers the Queenax modular functional training system.
Fitbit, headquartered in San Francisco, announces the release of the free Fitbit for Windows 10 app.
Sissel USA offers the Sissel Sport Swing, a fitness bar that is designed to exercise and strengthen the core.
Isokinetics Inc offers CanDo Closed Cell Exercise Mats, which are designed to offer comfort, be ideal for yoga, exercise, and Pilates-style workouts, and are made to be durable enough for commercial use in health and fitness clubs.
Inversion Studios offers the Pilates Ring, a resistance toning ring for Pilates and yoga that is designed to lengthen, strengthen, and tone the body.
A “pay-for-use” post-therapy facility allows clients access to specialized equipment, therapy bands, balls, and beyond.
A newly launched desk treadmill is engineered to allow both corporate and home workers an easy way to incorporate movement into their day and can be folded up to allow space saving.
Rehab and retraining of movement patterns can help revamp athletic efficiency postinjury.
Exercise may assist patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD) in improving their balance, ability to move around, and quality of life, even if their fall risk is not reduced, study results say.
Depending upon age, one exercise session may help improve the body’s ability to overcome stressors by potentially boosting the antioxidant system, study results say.
The kyBounder, available through kybun AG, is designed to provide a soft surface that encourages strengthening of the muscles in the feet, legs, and trunk.
The Magneciser, available through American 3B Scientific, can be used for upper and lower body resistive exercises, allowing users to improve circulation, muscle strength, joint range of motion, and coordination.
The Neurological Pedal Set, available through Spirit Medical Systems Group, can be installed on a Spirit Medical rehabilitation bike (Upright – MU100 or Recumbent –MR100) or almost any other standard stationary bike with a 9/16-inch threaded crank.
Nautilus Inc recently announced in a company news release the Apple Healthkit integration with its Bowflex Max Trainer this month, which will be followed closely by integration with the recently launched Nautilus 616 cardio line.
A recent study at Wichita State University focused on evaluating the use of TheraBand resistance exercise bands in reaching exercise goals aims to offer fitness professionals, including PTs and other fitness professionals, new exercise guidelines to promote physical activity and weight loss/management programs.
DanMic Global LLC markets a wall-mounted device, built specifically to anchor and progressively vary the resistance of exercise bands and tubes.
Exercises designed to challenge the core can be valuable interventions when preventing and treating sports-related injuries.