Aquatic Therapy

The Wonder Board, available through, is built for exercises intended to promote balance, coordination, and pelvic stabilization in the water.
An exploration into how a healthy aquatic program can provide additional income to a private practice.
A May 14 webinar, hosted by HydroWorx, aims to shed light on potential misconceptions surrounding aquatic therapy and exercise modalities.
Strengthening patients and practice through aquatic therapy
The Theraquatics Water Running Belt is built to suspend the body in an upright position in the water at shoulder level.
The newest offering from SwimEx Inc targets affordability and aims to meet the specific needs of any commercial facility or residential home.
The Aquarunner from Patterson Medical, Warrenville, Ill, is engineered to add resistance and buoyancy for the lower back, abs, and leg during workouts in the water.
balance rings
The Sprint Balance Rings, manufactured by Sprint Aquatics, San Luis Obispo, Calif, are designed for use as a supplemental flotation device for swimmers.
h2o gloves
The H2O Gloves, available from the Libertyville, Ill-based company SPRI Products, Inc, are fitness gloves designed to give the user an upper body workout for low resistance water aerobics and underwater training.
pool ramp
The Kalispell Pool Ramp available from RehabMart, LLC, Elberton, Ga, is an ADA-compliant pool ramp designed to improve users’ access to a pool.
underwater treadmill
The Aquabilt Underwater Treadmill from Aquabilt LCC, headquartered in Canton, Conn, is an underwater treadmill engineered to be operator friendly and powered entirely by the user.
aqua float
The Aqua Float from MJM International is an aquatic flotation aid designed to provide support for children or adults during aquatic therapy.
pool lift
The Hoyer Swimming Pool Lift is an aquatic lift that features a 360° swivel and a lifting range of 157 cm, which allows the hydraulic unit to transfer the client from chair to pool.
ankle weight
Sprint Aquatic Ankle Weights are ankle weights intended for use during aquatic therapy.