Pedal Set Accommodates Patients with Neuro Dysfunctions

The Neurological Pedal Set, available through Spirit Medical Systems Group, can be installed on a Spirit Medical rehabilitation bike (Upright – MU100 or Recumbent –MR100) or almost any other standard stationary bike with a 9/16-inch threaded crank.


Elbow Sleeve Targets Relief of Pain and Stiffness Post-Injury

The Elbow Sleeve, available through Restorative Care of America Inc, is built to provide compression and therapeutic warmth to the elbow, reducing inflammation and reliving stiffness and pain linked to elbow injuries, such as tennis or golfer’s elbow.


Nautilus Inc Announces Integration of Apple HealthKit

Nautilus Inc recently announced in a company news release the Apple Healthkit integration with its Bowflex Max Trainer this month, which will be followed closely by integration with the recently launched Nautilus 616 cardio line.