The ActiveWrap Knee Ice Wrap | Knee Heat Wrap, available through ActiveWrap, is engineered to provide users heat, ice, and compress therapy in an “all-in-one” design.
Hausmann Industries Inc markets a 3-in-1 Training Staircase, designed to allow the therapist to train patients on three progressive step levels.
Sissel USA offers the Sissel Sport Swing, a fitness bar that is designed to exercise and strengthen the core.
A new technology leverages tiny computers and sensory stickers designed to be installed to make “any shoe a smart shoe.” It is being developed to capture body movement from the ground up.
The Fusion Lumbosacral Orthosis, available through Core Products International Inc, is engineered to provide anterior, posterior, and lateral support to the lumbosacral region of the spine by using two C.R.E.S.T. systems in one support.
North Coast Medical markets the RehabPro 3-Section Bench, which is made to assist in restoring upper quarter flexibility, coordination, strength, and endurance.
Armedica Manufacturing Corp markets Electric Platform Mount Parallel Bars that are designed to be height adjustable from 26 to 48 inches.
Fabrication Enterprises has announced that it will feature its Sup-R Band exercise band at the FIME Medical Trade Fair and Congress, August 5 to 7, Miami Beach, Fla.
Hausmann Industries Inc markets an adjustable magnetic shoulder wheel, built to provide adjustable height for sitting, standing, or wheelchair access.
The Spring Wall, available through MERRITHEW, can be used for facilities with limited space, allowing exercises to be executed standing, kneeling, sitting, side-lying, supine, or prone.
Biodex Medical Systems Inc has announced the addition of the VibroTactile System to its balance line of physical medicine devices.
The Wonder Board, available through, is built for exercises intended to promote balance, coordination, and pelvic stabilization in the water.
DeRoyal markets a static progressive splint designed to combine static stretching with stress relaxation to help elongate contracted tissue.
Hausmann Industries Inc markets exercise/rack and accessorized stations, built to provide storage for a variety of equipment.
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The Shuttle Recovery, available through Shuttle Systems, is built to provide a variety of patient populations a wide range of activities, from postsurgical to aggressive plyometric jumping.
Advantage Medical markets a stretching device built to provide effective stretching for the back, shoulders, hips, hamstrings, and shins.
Pro-Tec Athletics offers the Hamstring Wrap Compression Wrap, which is designed to help alleviate conditions of hamstring tear or strain.
Today’s pain management is putting control back in the hands of pain patients, thanks to a growing number of easy-to-use and effective at-home therapies.