ActiveWrap Inc markets a shoulder therapy solution designed to serve as shoulder ice wrap and shoulder heat wrap, all in one.
Germany-based researchers are working together with industry partners to develop an active vest designed to offer caregivers and others with physically demanding jobs extra support for their backs.
An off-the-shelf brace that is designed to allow customization to match each patient’s shock absorption requirements and his or her foot/calf angle is available through Swede-O Inc.
The new AliMed Worry-Free Fall Alarm, available through AliMed Inc, is powered by a sealed-in, 2-year battery and designed to use one battery for the life of the alarm.
The SkiL-Care Exercise Box, available through, is engineered to provide a convenient platform to enable a variety of strength-training, range-of-motion, flexibility-enhancing, and coordination exercises for children and adults.
A foot-worn device featuring biomechanical technology targets sustained relief of knee and back pain.
Recent research conducted by the Kessler Foundation describes Actual Reality as a new tool for assessing performance of activities of daily living (ADL) in individuals with traumatic brain injury (TBI). Study uses Internet-based tech to assess performance on “instrumental” ADLs.
Patterson Medical markets the Rolyan Smart Handle, built to provide real-time feedback of force exerted and reps completed.
The ProBand BandIT therapeutic forearm band, available through Meyer Distributing Co is engineered to assist in the release of carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow discomfort.
Achieva Air Putty, available through North Coast Medical, is designed to help treat arthritis and for use in postsurgical exercises.
DeRoyal offers the Warrior II Knee Brace, available in a classic pull-up, wrap-around, or new half-wrap designs to enhance individual patient fit and comfort.
Bailey Manufacturing Company markets a combo mirror and weight cart, built to hold standard size products ranging from exercise bands, to fitbells, and cuff weights.
A two-step care strategy reportedly improved function and decreased pain severity among veterans who have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan, producing at least a 30% improvement in pain-related disability, researchers say.
The LivMD Vibration Plate is the latest addition to Biodex Medical Systems Inc’s line of Mobility Enhancement physical medicine devices.
Fitter International Inc (Fitterfirst) markets the Pro Fitter 3D Cross Trainer, featuring more than 20 exercises designed to improve leg, core, and upper body strength and stability.
A robotic glove prototype has been developed which aims to allow patients who have sustained a stroke to use the technology in their own home to support rehab and independence.
Breg, Inc. recently introduced its FreeSport™ knee sleeve and wrap, designed for athletes with mild to moderate discomfort, patella mal-tracking, and related injuries such as “runner’s knee.”
EZ-ACCESS has added the Transitions Angled Entry Plate to its line of threshold ramps.
Clinicians from across the country reveal key features and functions in the devices they use to address knee and lower extremity rehab.
Stuck In Bed Fitness is a fitness solution that can be positioned over a bed, wheelchair, chair, or recliner to provide users with limited mobility a wide range of therapeutic, rehabilitative exercises, and stretches.