Sissel USA, Anaheim, Calif, markets the DorsaBack, which is engineered to enable users to sit comfortably on all chairs—even those that are too soft or deep—and on all couches.
PrePak Products Inc markets the Web-Slide Deluxe Assortment Exercise Rail System (galvanized steel), intended to help clinicians organize the clinic and streamline patient training sessions.
The TheraBand Stability Disc, available through Performance Health, is engineered to accommodate balance training, rehabilitation, and sports performance enhancement.
VertaLoc Inc offers the VertaLoc LITE Back Brace, which has removable abdominal and back support panels that are designed to provide spinal support and help patients relieve lower back pain.
Chattanooga, A DJO Global company, offers the OptiFlex S Shoulder CPM, built to provide anatomical motion for the shoulder with enhanced patient comfort, compliance, and added beneficial outcomes.
The RockNRoller, marketed by RockTape USA, is a foam roller featuring a roller texture designed to palpate tissues rather than compressing, releasing tight fascia, improving blood flow, and relaxing muscles.
Isokinetics Inc offers CanDo Closed Cell Exercise Mats, which are designed to offer comfort, be ideal for yoga, exercise, and Pilates-style workouts, and are made to be durable enough for commercial use in health and fitness clubs.
Yoga may serve as a key tool for preventing or potentially reversing the impact of chronic pain on the brain, says an NIH official.
The Jackson Strength Evaluation System, available through Lafayette Instrument Company, is built for use by rehabilitation professionals to monitor recovery from injury and by industrial testing specialists to assess the ability of job applicants to perform physically demanding work tasks.
Advantage Medical markets a pneumatic medical device built for hip traction; targeting osteoarthritis, FAI/abral pathology, joint stiffness, pain, or muscle tightness.
Foot Management Inc recently introduced its New Ultrathin Orthotic, built for low volume shoes, including soccer cleats, track spikes, dress shoes, and street shoes.
A May 14 webinar, hosted by HydroWorx, aims to shed light on potential misconceptions surrounding aquatic therapy and exercise modalities.
The Defined Perimeter Mattress Cover, available from Drive Medical, features a defined perimeter engineered to create a raised rail to help enhance fall prevention without using patient restraints.
The Midland Parallel Bar Glider, available through Patterson Medical, is built to be ideal for patients who require more assistance and support when practicing functional ambulation skills.
Inversion Studios offers the Pilates Ring, a resistance toning ring for Pilates and yoga that is designed to lengthen, strengthen, and tone the body.
According to a news release from the University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas), research from the university suggests that dopamine may play a role in promoting chronic pain.
Pro-Tec Athletics markets a back wrap designed to support and reduce pressure to the lower back.
Shuttle Systems markets a portable leg press available in two versions and built to attach to any chair or wheelchair in order to eliminate the need for transfers.
The RCAI Dorsal Blocking Splint, available through Restorative Care of America Inc, is engineered to protect the flexor tendons of the hand and fingers from stress following injury.
The Smart Heat Systems portable Triple Assorted Unit from Therapy Innovations LLC is built to accommodate healthcare professionals, including physical therapists and athletic trainers, who are on the go.