Pro-Tec Athletics offers the Hamstring Wrap Compression Wrap, which is designed to help alleviate conditions of hamstring tear or strain.
Today’s pain management is putting control back in the hands of pain patients, thanks to a growing number of easy-to-use and effective at-home therapies.
According to a recent company news release, HydroWorx recently debut its new hydrotherapy device the HydroWorx 300 during the annual National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) Clinical Symposia & AT Expo, held June 24 to 26.
Mettler Electronics Corp offers the SpineGym Core Exerciser, which is built to allow users to exercise the back, oblique, and abdominal muscles from a standing position.
The FREEDOM Dorsal PF Night Splint, is available through AliMed, and aims to provide nighttime plantar fasciitis pain relief.
Bailey Manufacturing Company markets adjustable height and width bariatric parallel bars, featuring durable chrome plated tubular steel construction.
Fremont, Calif-based AlterG reports that it has released an upgraded version of its Bionic Leg. The AlterG Bionic Leg 1.8 features improvements in both soft goods and hardware elements.
The Combo-Board, available through American 3B Scientific, is designed as a low-cost option for balance training at all levels.
Restorative Care of America Inc markets the POP Deluxe Wrap Knee, built to provide stabilization for ACL, PCL, MCL, and LCL instabilities.
Vestibular rehabilitation from the patient perspective.
Integrating job requirements and functional testing into treatment can optimize an injured worker’s return to work.
An exploration into how a healthy aquatic program can provide additional income to a private practice.
plyo markets the Soft Sided Plyometric Box, which features a three-sided design and soft sides intended to minimize the potential for injured shins or scrapes.
The Core Stix Pro Board PT Package, offered through Exertools, is built to allow therapists to provide strength, stability, balance, and flexibility to patients while they are standing on their feet and can also be used in seated or lying positions.
Virtualware Health states that it recently released VirtualRehab 3.0, a therapeutic video game solution designed to improve balance and fine motor skills using therapeutic games and motion capture technology.
Everyone has Back Pain cover[1]
A new patient education book available through OPTP, examines some of the potential misconceptions regarding back pain.
Exos, a brand of DJO Global, Vista, Calif, offers the Exos Wrist Brace with BOA, which is designed for various carpal bone injuries.
The DonJoy Tru-Pull Advanced System from DJO Global is built to provide symptomatic pain relief of patellofemoral dysfunction including lateral subluxation/dislocation, lateral mal-tracking and pantellar tendonitis.
Norco Exercise Putty, available through North Coast Medical Inc, is engineered to offer a graded strengthening program for individual fingers or the entire hand.
Southpaw Enterprises markets the Bounce Path System, which is a series of paths that are designed to train users’ coordination, dynamic balance and motor planning, postural control, and strength.