Firstbeat Technologies Ltd announces an update to the Quick Recovery Test feature in its Firstbeat Sports Monitor player recovery assessment and training readiness tool.
Medical technology company Implanet announces it has received regulatory clearance—510(k) in the US and CE Mark in Europe—to market the Jazz Claw hybrid implant.
Clever Solution announces the launch of a digital marketing solution for physical therapy clinics that encompasses search engine optimization (SEO), pay-for-click (PPC), and social media marketing (SMM).
An intelligent fitness training app launched recently by Volt Athletics gives athletes access to elite-level sports training programs that can be configured to their individual needs.
InHandHealth copy
In Hand Health LLC introduces In Hand Health, a telehealth solution designed to help physical therapists progress their patients’ therapy between visits.
Smart Socks, paired with the recently introduced Sensoria Walk, are designed to help those with limited mobility track their activity and increase their recovery time.
PSFH36B ProRoller BlueSoft_HALF_whitelogo
New from OPTP, as part of its PRO-ROLLER line of foam rollers, is the Soft Half.
crutch copy
Mobility Designed introduces the M+D Crutch, which is constructed to evenly distribute a user’s body weight from the elbow to the forearm.
Performance Health Systems offers the bioDensity System, built to deliver force/loading therapy to rebuild bone density in osteoporosis patients.
Oska Wellness, headquartered in San Diego, introduces the Oska Pulse, a wearable chronic pain relief device.
The new upper and lower body cross training system from Seattle-based Excy is built to help provide strength training at home, at work, or on the go.
The LightSpeed, available from Duluth, Minn-based LightSpeed Running and Rehabilitation, is built to support one’s body during physical rehabilitation or athletic training.
Toronto-headquartered Merrithew offers the Inflatable Body Roller, which is engineered to adjust to a user’s desired level of firmness.
FIT3D copy
The Fit3D ProScanner, from Redwood City, Calif-headquartered Fit3D, is engineered to capture a body scan, as well as measurements and data, for use in tracking one’s fitness progress.
The Dynamic Ankle Rehabilitation Trainer (DART), developed by Scott Rogoff, PT, DPT, OCS, is designed to help strengthen and rehabilitate the ankle postinjury.
SmarterLife copy
SmarterLife Products LLC launches Push Up Stands, designed with the ability to rotate.
ResistanceBand copy
The SmartSport Resistance Loop Bands Set, new from SmarterLife Products LLC, is designed to be 1.25 inches wider than typical resistance bands.
The multiple-channel Ultimate Foot Circulator is designed to provide electrotherapy to the body's extremities, to help increase circulation and reduce swelling.
PeriCoach copy
Brisbane, Australia-headquartered Analytica Ltd introduces the PeriCoach, which is designed to provide real-time audio and visual feedback to women performing pelvic floor exercises (“kegels”) to help manage stress urinary incontinence.
Bakersfield, Calif-based Townsend Design introduces the Dynamic Reliever medial compartment osteoarthritis knee brace for disproportional legs.