WebPT announces the debut of WebPT Outcomes, a patient tracking and analysis platform.
Mediware Information Systems Inc announces the arrival of MediLinks 2016, a web-based software solution designed for outpatient rehab facilities and private practice PT, OT, and SLP clinics.
The Sit2Stand Trainer, the VibroTactile System, and the medBike will make their official debut during the ATPA Combined Sections Meeting, February 18-20 in Anaheim, Calif.
The new ICCE Back Recovery Shirt, from ICCE Inc, is designed for users to wear it when rest is not an option to help manage one’s back pain.
PB_Glute RollerCOMBO
Perform Better, headquartered in West Warwick, RI, introduces the Glute Ridge Roller.
Visual3D Signals.
Motion capture data from Xsens’ MVN BIOMECH can now be directly imported into C-Motion’s analysis and reporting tool Visual3D.
Nautilus Inc, based in Vancouver, Wash, announces the debut of the Cardio line, part of the company’s Universal brand of fitness equipment.
In Human Kinetics’ newly released Functional Training, author Juan Carlos “JC” Santana, MEd, CSCS, explains what he considers are the benefits of functional training.
SeamlessMD, Toronto, introduces myHip&Knee, a free smartphone/tablet app for hip and knee joint-replacement patients.
AVACEN Medical, San Diego, announces the receipt of a patent for its AVACEN 100 dry heat therapy medical device and the AVACEN Treatment Method.
Neck Assist
Neck Assist offers the Ultimate Neck and Back Support System (NABSS), designed to help support the head and neck of those who work overhead.
8216PKG StretchOutStrapwithBook
OPTP, Minneapolis, announces the release of Stretch Out Strap Pilates Essentials, second edition.
Los Angeles-based startup FocusMotion demonstrated its motion tracking technology recently during Los Angeles Dodger Accelerator Demo Day.
Raintree Systems, headquartered in Temecula, Calif, and SnapMD announce the development of an integrated telehealth and EMR software solution.
DJO Global launches the EMPOWR 3D Knee, which is designed with natural motion technology that recreates natural knee motion.
A team of research scientists suggests that a biodegradable implant made from synthetic material could someday help heal bones in patients with orthopedic injuries who need bone replacement.
Studies have begun to determine whether a modular wrist replacement or a traditional implant could be better at relieving painful wrist arthritis.
HydroWorx, Middletown, Pa, announces in a media release that its new Construction-Free 300 Series aquatic therapy pool will debut at the 2015 LeadingAge Annual Meeting and Expo in Boston.
Using wearable technology in the workers’ compensation industry could benefit the well-being and independence of individuals with serious injuries.
FlexxSonic Corporation, headquartered in Mount Prospect, Ill, introduces FlexxSonic Maximum Pain Relief Therapy Products.