Shuttle Systems markets a portable leg press available in two versions and built to attach to any chair or wheelchair in order to eliminate the need for transfers.
The RCAI Dorsal Blocking Splint, available through Restorative Care of America Inc, is engineered to protect the flexor tendons of the hand and fingers from stress following injury.
The Smart Heat Systems portable Triple Assorted Unit from Therapy Innovations LLC is built to accommodate healthcare professionals, including physical therapists and athletic trainers, who are on the go.
A recently developed two-armed, robotic rehabilitation exoskeleton aims to provide a new method of data-driven therapy to patients who have sustained neurological or spinal injuries.
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The M-Board 1.1 Dynamic Balance Trainer, available from OPTP, is built to enable three-dimensional rotation and aims to develop balance, core and leg strength, and overall proprioception.
The Quick Board, available The Quick Board LLC, is an assessment and training system built for use by performance, sports medicine, and rehabilitation staff.
The Xerstretch Strap, available through SPRI Products, is engineered to provide users assistance in upper- and lower-body stretches.
Hausmann Industries Inc markets the Model 1200 Ramp & Curb Set, built to facilitate ambulation and patient mobility training on ramps and curbs.
Sissel USA markets the SISSEL Balance Board, which is made to assist in balance and proprioceptive exercises, and strengthen core muscles.
The Original Posture Medic, available through Advantage Medical, is designed to improve posture, allowing users to stretch, strengthen, and stabilize.
A brace available through AliMed is engineered to grasp objects for users, allowing damaged tissue to rest and heal.
North Coast Medical markets a Convertible Staircase that is designed to convert from straight to corner staircase arrangements.
The Foot Gym, available through ING Source Inc, is made to serve as a prehab/rehab device, specifically targeting plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and other foot injuries/surgeries.
An elbow extension splint built to treat joint stiffness and restore lost range of motion due to injury, trauma, surgery or disease, is available through Dynasplint Systems Inc.
Ball Dynamics International LLC markets all three sizes of Body Therapy balls, the FitBALL Small Ball Release Program manual, DVD, and a needle pump, which can be purchased as a set and serve as a solution for back pain and tension.
The Bariatric Knee Walker, available through Goodbye Crutches, is built to accommodate patients up to 500 pounds.
ActiveWrap Inc markets a shoulder therapy solution designed to serve as shoulder ice wrap and shoulder heat wrap, all in one.
Germany-based researchers are working together with industry partners to develop an active vest designed to offer caregivers and others with physically demanding jobs extra support for their backs.
An off-the-shelf brace that is designed to allow customization to match each patient’s shock absorption requirements and his or her foot/calf angle is available through Swede-O Inc.