Fitter International Inc (Fitterfirst) markets the Pro Fitter 3D Cross Trainer, featuring more than 20 exercises designed to improve leg, core, and upper body strength and stability.
A robotic glove prototype has been developed which can allow patients who have sustained a stroke to use the technology in their own home to support rehabilitation and independence in receiving therapies, according to a recent news release.
Breg, Inc. recently introduced its FreeSport™ knee sleeve and wrap, designed for athletes with mild to moderate discomfort, patella mal-tracking, and related injuries such as “runner’s knee.”
EZ-ACCESS has added the Transitions Angled Entry Plate to its line of threshold ramps.
Clinicians from across the country reveal key features and functions in the devices they use to address knee and lower extremity rehab.
Stuck In Bed Fitness is a fitness solution that can be positioned over a bed, wheelchair, chair, or recliner to provide users with limited mobility a wide range of therapeutic, rehabilitative exercises, and stretches.
The Sit2Stand Trainer is the latest addition to Biodex Medical Systems Inc’s line of Mobility Enhancement devices.
Managing pain in post total knee replacement plays a key role in successful outcomes.
The Roscoe Knee Scooter, marketed by Roscoe Medical, is engineered to accommodate individuals recovering from ankle or foot injury.
A new ergometer designed to meet a variety of rehabilitation needs is available through Cascade Health and Fitness.
A “pay-for-use” post-therapy facility allows clients access to specialized equipment, therapy bands, balls, and beyond.
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Facilitating gait and balance recovery post-stroke.
A 60-minute on-demand Aquatic Therapy University (ATU) webinar provides participants a comprehensive look at the precautions and contraindications linked to aquatic therapy immersion.
Meyer Distributing Co markets the Body Sport Shoulder Pulley, designed to allow users to improve motion of the injured shoulder at their own pace and intensity.
Today’s pain management is putting control back in the hands of pain patients, thanks to a growing number of easy-to-use and effective at-home therapies.
Fitterfirst Soft Boards available through Fitter International Inc (Fitterfirst), target balance training, with a design intended to create the sensation of floating on a cushion of air, while also providing a predictable foundation underfoot.
Clinton Industries Inc markets a small corner staircase storage island, built to accommodate limited space.
KoreExtreme markets the ThermXRoller, engineered to provide pressure massage and relieve aches.
Orfit Industries America markets a pre-cut wrist orthosis with a double-sided zipper, designed to address traumatic wrist injuries that require circumferential immobilization.
A continuous passive motion (CPM) device available through Patterson Medical for the knee aims to accommodate pediatric and adult patients alike.