Celeste Graham, PT, and Doug Levine, PT, recently joined the physical therapy team of CureDuchenne Cares, a program designed to help patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.
Raleigh Orthopaedic Clinic (ROC) announces it has been selected as the official medical director for the 2016 USA Rugby College 7s National Championship.
Sitroll user demonstrates exercise by grasping both side handles and holding firmly. Both feet are placed on lower resistance bands and user then rolls forwards and backwards at a comfortable speed, by pulling and pushing with the arms and legs.
Designed for ease of use, Sitroll is built on wheels and rolls forward and backward smoothly on a track. The device is equipped with a series of upper and lower natural rubber tubing, hand gripping slides, and soft balls designed to provide non-strenuous resistance exercise movements applicable to physical and occupational therapy.
Persons with anemia may have a poorer outcome after experiencing a traumatic brain injury (TBI) than those who are not anemic, according to recent research.
In older adults, treatment for coronary artery disease may only temporarily halt the progression of frailty. However, a healthy lifestyle may impact whether they will become frail at all.
After unveiling its new branding, the physical therapy equity and management services company previously known as Nueterra Physical Therapy also announces a name change to PT Partners.
PT Solutions expands its footprint in metro Atlanta with the opening of two new locations.
The 2016 Target Challenge grant opportunity is an open call for device solutions that have the potential to impact the field of pediatric medicine.
Exercise may be associated with longer life in heart failure patients, according to new research.
Butler Hill Hand Therapy, Athletico Physical Therapy’s first-ever clinic focused primarily on hand therapy, opened recently in St Louis.
Higher levels of physical activity may be associated with a lower risk of many types of cancer, according to a study published recently in JAMA Internal Medicine.
Major League Baseball (MLB) pitchers who throw a large number of fastballs may be at increased risk of needing Tommy John surgery.
Products in the TheraBand family are now being launched into several Rite Aid Pharmacy store locations nationwide.
Physical therapists in Alabama now have a simpler way to complete various license applications quickly and efficiently online.
It could take up to 2 years for young athletes to recover fully from a concussion and return to play as skillfully as those with no history of concussion.
Dynatronics Corp announces financial and operating results for its fiscal 2016 third quarter and 9 months, which ended March 31, 2016.
Repetitive head trauma—even if it isn’t strong enough to bring on a full-fledged concussion—could cause one’s vision to blur slightly, according to a study that included 29 NCAA football players.
Chronic pain may persist because cells carry “memories” of injuries—ie, molecular footprints that add up to more lasting damage—a recent study suggests.
KRG Capital Fund IV LP announces that its sale of its portfolio company ATI Physical Therapy to Advent International is now complete.
A recent study suggests another possible use of stem cells: the ability to be stimulated to make a special type of cartilage to help repair large, hard-to-heal bone fractures.