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ReDoc Software Selects New Clinical Product Owner and Design Specialist

ann-shaferReDoc Software (ReDoc), a provider of therapy documentation and management solutions, recently announced that Ann Shafer has been appointed as clinical product owner and design specialist. According to a ReDoc news release, in her new role, Shafer will be responsible for analyzing and designing clinical components utilized in current and developing software in addition to assisting with planning for and conducting of beta testing processes. The ReDoc news release notes that Shafer will also serve as clinical liaison for the company’s product design and development divisions.

Shafer’s previous experience as director of compliance and outcomes and clinical advisor for ReDoc has provided the foundational knowledge and understanding of the customer experience to prepare her for the responsibilities and challenges of her new role, according to the ReDoc news release.

Ron Reed, PTA, MSHI, CSPO, vice president product design of ReDoc Software, states, “Since joining ReDoc in 2003, Ann has been a strong member of the implementation team, as she is an experienced physical therapist with a decade of expertise in implementation of ReDoc’s suite of products and customer relations. Her promotion is a logical evolution, and she will be a significant addition to the product design team.”

Shafer says, “ReDoc has offered me great opportunities during my 10 years with the company, and I’m excited to begin working on new challenges that are sure to come. Contributing to the company’s growth and collaborating with such talented people at ReDoc is always personally and professionally rewarding.”

[Source: ReDoc Software]