Article Highlights Access to Physical Therapy as Key to Sports Injury Recovery

physical therapy_sports_recoveryAccording to a news report in the Washington Post, superior medical care and access to physical therapy are key components to athletic injury recovery. Prompt assessment and treatment for sports-related injuries are benefits not available to a weekend warrior or an amateur athlete, and can help quickly restore function and get an athlete back in the game. The Post piece notes that non-professional athletes may take a “wait-and-see” approach or may have trouble locating a provider and receiving treatment quickly.

Reporter Laura Hambleton writes, “For many pros, it is the hours of intensive daily attention from highly experienced physical therapists, along with specialized rehabilitation equipment and exercises, that make their rehab and yours quite different.” The Post article also quotes Jason Craig, PT, DPhil, MCSP, and Kala Flagg, PT–two Washington, DC-area physical therapists who have worked with elite-level athletes. Craig affirms that waiting for treatment can make a sports-related injury worse, emphasizing the importance of prompt treatment.

Flagg discusses that in addition to the availability of services and the level of personal investment in home therapeutic equipment, professional athletes are constantly training their bodies to prevent injury in the first place, which is another advantage professional athletes have in recovery. Overall, Hambleton stresses that a prompt medical response and physical therapy regimen that includes specialized rehabilitation equipment can be essential components for recovery after an athletic injury. The Post report indicates that when it comes to injury treatment, “time is of the essence.”

[Source: Washington Post]