Aquatic Therapy

2013 Aquatic Therapy Product Showcase

The benefits of viscosity and unweighting made possible by pool-based therapy open the door for practices to build new rehabilitation and therapy programs. As practices consider the role those programs might play in expanding business and innovating care, the purchase of aquatic-based products will be key. This showcase offers readers a look at some of the latest pool and spa products, lifts, exercise gear, and pool accessories available to help understand the options.  


hydrobellsHydro-Tone Fitness Systems, headquartered in Orange, Calif, produces specially designed resistive aquatic therapy and exercise equipment that amplifies the natural resistance of water to enhance therapy and training regimens. The handheld Hydro-Bells for the upper body are made of durable high-impact PP and provide smooth, stable resistance along any path of motion through the water. This allows the therapist or physician to safely and effectively prescribe any movement through any range of motion, including complex PNF movements. Hydro-Tone Fitness Systems Inc, (714) 998-9595;

Delta Swim System

deltaswimsystemDanmar Products Inc, Ann Arbor, Mich, offers a full line of aquatic therapy and exercise equipment designed for persons with disabilities. This line includes the Delta Swim System. This system is designed to aid in progressive swimming development, most appropriate for individuals who can maintain postural balance with controlled arm movements. The Delta is used to help maintain a vertical position in the water, assisting with deep-water walking, running, and aerobic exercises. The Delta Swim System is available in three sizes, based on the individual’s weight. Danmar Products Inc, (800) 783-1998; 

Aquatic Therapy Pools

nespaNESPA Tiled Spas, based in Oroville, Calif, builds therapy pools that aim to be affordable for home or commercial use. Each spa is customized to specific needs. Clients help design the shape, size, varied depths, jet locations, current/flow rates, benches, and the all-tiled interior. These spas are commercially engineered and manufactured to withstand heavy use and still maintain a beautiful look. All spas are built and completed in factory to maintain extremely high standards and craftsmanship. They are one-piece construction (free-standing and self-supporting) and shipped ready for easy installation. Additions to the spas can include: chair lifts, a Riverflow Current system, treadmill, stationary bicycle, and plyometric stations. The company reports that its custom spas, whirlpools, therapy pools, and products are approved by all state and local health departments. NESPA Tiled Spas, (530) 534-9910;

Wheelchair-to-Water Lift
wheelchair to_water_liftThe SureHands Motorized Wheelchair-to-Water Lift from SureHands Lift & Care Systems, Pine Island, NY, aims to provide safe and easy pool access by taking the user directly from the wheelchair into the water with the press of a button. The device is engineered to minimize or eliminate struggles that can occur with manual lifting on wet pool decks. A variety of pool lifts is available, along with the SureHands Body Support, PVC slings, and other transferring accessories to accommodate special needs. SureHands Lift & Care Systems, (800) 724-5305;

Aquatic Therapy Products
aquatic therapy_productsThera-Band Aquatic Products, manufactured by Performance Health, based in Akron, Ohio, assist therapy and rehabilitation programs by protecting joints and reducing stress for patients who need to exercise in the water. These products can also advance the performance of competitive and recreational swimmers. Products include kick rollers, swim bars, training aids, and the Aquafins Aquatic Exercise Kit. Aquafins provide excellent water resistance training for the upper and lower body. The one-size-fits-all cuffs attach comfortably to wrists or ankles. Drag resistance intensity can be adjusted by rotating the fins. The kit includes two fins plus a Quick Start Instruction Card and a mesh carrying bag. Performance Health, (330) 633-8460; 

Aquatic Therapy Education

aquatic therapy_educationThe Lutz, Fla-based Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute (ATRI) is a continuing education provider for aquatic therapy professionals of all disciplines. ATRI offers membership and certification, along with continuing education courses at conferences across the country. The company’s conferences feature in-the-water pool labs for hands-on experience. ATRI strives to offer students the education they need to become certified through the Aquatic Therapeutic Exercise Certification. The complete schedule can be viewed at the ATRI website. Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute, (866) 462-2874;

Buoyancy Wrap
bouyancy wrapThe Buoyancy Wrap from the San Luis Obispo, Calif-headquartered Sprint Aquatics enables a user to add floatation to any wrist, ankle, arm, or leg with ease. It can be used to suspend a limb while performing therapy or used for resistance in a therapy or aerobic setting. The wrap is made of soft and comfortable EVA foam and is latex free. This product is sold individually, not sold as a pair. The foam dimensions are 25 x 4.5 x .75 inches, and the Velcro is 38 inches long. Sprint Aquatics, (800) 235-2156;

Resistance Swim Training Tool
resistance swim_trainingNZ Manufacturing, Tallmadge, Ohio, introduces the StrechCordz Pool Aqua Band, a new exercise and training aid for Hydro-Pilates stretch-band exercises. The StrechCordz Pool Aqua Band is designed to improve tone and develop leg power. It is designed to offer applications in aquatic therapy and rehabilitation, water aerobics and exercise programs, and dry-land resistance exercise programs. The Aqua Band is appropriate for public, private, and home swimming pool use, and the product is sold through an international network of dealers, online, and at many retail and online sporting goods stores. NZ Manufacturing, (800) 886-6621;

Aquatic Exercise Bike
aquatic exercise_bikeThe Aqua Bike from SwimEx, Fall River, Mass, takes aerobic and fitness training to the water and has been designed with the Hydrospin method in mind. The Aqua Bike features five levels of resistance, a lightweight stainless steel design, and an adjustable saddle seat and handlebars made in Italy. The Aqua Bike is built to resist rusting and is designed to last for years. The bike enables both aerobic and muscle conditioning in a stress-free aquatic environment. The Aqua Bike can be ideal for group or single-session classes. Elliptical and cyclette machines are also available from the company. SwimEx, (800) 877-7946;

 Hand Bouys

hand bouysThe Libertyville, Ill-based SPRI Products Inc offers Hand Buoys for aquatic therapy. Underwater, the Hand Buoys feel and act like weighted dumbbells—the ideal “weight” for upper-body conditioning in deep and shallow water. This product is available in three sizes offering three progressive levels of buoyancy and resistance. The Hand Buoys are also sold in pairs and are available in two different color options. SPRI Products Inc, (800) 222-7774;

 Fitness and Rehabilitation Pool

fitness and_rehab_poolThe HydroWorx 500 Series pool available from HydroWorx, based in Middletown, Pa, offers the 7 feet 6 inches wide by 14 feet long 500 Series fitness and rehabilitation pool, which includes all the features of HydroWorx water therapy pools in a package that aims to be affordable. Strategically placed, high-powered water jets can be used for resistance training and deep-tissue massage. Patients can utilize the pool’s rear platform for water therapy exercises where additional body-weight loading is desired. A compact, budget-friendly water therapy pool, the HydroWorx 500 makes an ideal entry point for clinicians looking to grow a facility by expanding therapy capabilities. The new HydroWorx leasing program aims to enable clinicians to install this pool in a facility for low up-front costs. HydroWorx, (800) 753-9633; 

 Aquatic Access Lifts

aquatic access_liftsAquatic Access Inc, headquartered in Louisville, Ky, builds a variety of water-powered lifts for pools, spas, therapy tubs, boats and dock, above-ground pools and spas. These lifts are built to provide access to aquatic activities for those who have difficulty with stairs or ladders, including individuals who are overweight and clinically obese. Aquatic Access offers a variety of portable and stationary lift products engineered to meet all of the 2010 Standards for Accessible Design legally required for public pools in the United States. Aquatic Access lifts are powered by the safe, environmentally friendly power of flowing water. No expensive batteries or complex electronics are needed. Made in the United States, these products include all components required for a basic installation in the base price. Aquatic Access Inc, (800) 325-5438;

Underwater Treadmill
underwater treadmillTo maximize the potential of an Endless Pool, an Underwater Treadmill can be added for low-impact water exercise and aquatic therapy. The Underwater Treadmill from Endless Pools, Aston, Pa, is fully adjustable in speed for walking, jogging, or running, and can be added to a clinician’s choice of product from the company’s custom Pool or Spa Series. Individuals who are unable to exercise on land can achieve immediate rehabilitation results in water, allowing patients to return earlier to their normal activities. Underwater treadmills are also beneficial for people affected by arthritis and other disorders of the weight-bearing joints, as well as injuries to the lower extremities. Combined with the Endless Pools swim current, the Underwater Treadmill is yet another feature that can take aquatic therapy to the next level. Endless Pools, (800) 910-2714; 

Cerebral Palsy Square Float

cp square_floatThe cerebral palsy square float manufactured by Theraquatics, Montgomery, Ala, is a generously proportioned, supportive floatation device for the smaller swimmer. A secure, stable, and adjustable seat attaches to the float and allows the swimmer to kick and splash freely while sitting upright in supported comfort. Intended for the swimmer who has weak legs but good neck and upper trunk control, Theraquatics Fabric Floats are designed to provide the swimmer excellent support for the neck, hips, and knees. They are made from specially designed fabric manufactured to be tough, chlorine resistant, latex free, and easy to clean. This range of soft and comfortable-to-wear floats is made in Australia and forms the basis for many aquatic techniques. Theraquatics, (334) 669-8838;