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Knee CPM with TENS Incorporates Tens Therapy for Pain Relief

knee cpm_with_tensThe Knee CPM with TENS from Better Life Devices is designed to offer continuous passive motion that incorporates TENS therapy for pain relief and muscle stimulation. The Knee CPM is made to be ideal for use for range of motion therapies for more effectual rehabilitation. The device is reportedly approved by the FDA and features a seven-segment digital display that enables the user to adjust intensity levels, hold times, and treatment times. This device’s thigh length and calf length can be adjusted according to the user’s specific requirements, with adjustable extension and flexion angles. In addition, the TENS features a Symm Biphasic Square waveform and pulse widths of 200 and 250, and 50 Hz and 150 Hz pulse rates.

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[Source: Better Life Devices]