Pain Management

BioMedical Life Systems Launches New Non-Prescription TENS Device

biomedical life_systemsBioMedical Life Systems Inc, has received FDA clearance to market the new non-prescription REBOUND Health TENS device. The REBOUND Health is a TENS unit pain relief device that is designed to work “through the skin” and transmits through electrode pads attached to the skin, emitting a tingling sensation to aid in pain management without the use of drugs. According to the BioMedical Life Systems news release, research suggests that the REBOUND Health TENS unit can be used to relieve acute or chronic pain by providing natural pain relief. The device is engineered to be compact and durable, and was developed to be safe to treat different types of pain, including knee pain, low back pain, and elbow and wrist pain.

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[Source: BioMedical Life Systems Inc]