New Motion Detection System May Prevent Pitching Injuries

baseball pticherA new motion detection system may help identify baseball pitchers at-risk of shoulder injuries, according to sports medicine experts. The Loyola System, called the Xbus Kit, is a portable tracking system that can help identify baseball pitchers who are at-risk for shoulder injuries. The new system reportedly can be used on the field and requires only a laptop computer. Existing systems that evaluate pitchers’ throwing motions require cameras and generally can only be used indoors.

The report explains that in a well-rested pitcher, the scapula-humeral rhythm move in concert, However, after a pitcher has been on the mound for a period of time, the muscles begin to tire and the rhythm can start to deteriorate, which can lead to shoulder injuries. The Xbus Kit positions sensors on the arms and torso of the pitcher to gather information using magnetometers, accelerometers, and gyroscopes to detect deterioration in the scapula-humeral rhythm.

According to Pietro Tonino, MD, a Loyola University Medical Center sports medicine surgeon, a new study evaluating the Xbus Kit demonstrates the feasibility of using the tracking system to identify college-age pitchers who are at-risk for shoulder injuries. The report notes that at-risk pitchers could undergo strengthening exercises and physical therapy to prevent injuries. Tonino and the team of researchers have plants to test the tracking system on Little League pitchers.

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