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Upper Body Garment Designed to Improve Posture, Reduce Pain

alignmed copyThe S3 Spine and Scapula System, available through Evidence Based Apparel, Santa Ana, Calif, is a patented posture-improvement device designed to reduce pain, improve posture, and increase range of motion. The System is a full upper-body garment with elastic straps that is reportedly used to help recover from a variety of injuries, including cervical neck pain, shoulder instability, kyphosis, and lower to mid-back pains. The product is intended to provide breathable, comfortable, functional, and dynamic support. The S3 is also engineered to support upper extremity structures by balancing loads throughout the trunk and spine. The patented design of the product signals the brain to correct improper posture by re-educating and re-engineering the muscles surrounding the spine and shoulder.

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[Source: Evidence Based Apparel]