Osteoarthritis Research Society International to Host World Congress on Osteoarthritis

OARSIThe Osteoarthritis Research Society International (OARSI) will host the 2013 World Congress on Osteoarthritis in Philadelphia on April 18 to 21. The OARSI Annual Congress is for professionals in osteoarthritis (OA) treatment and research, and the meeting will feature international speakers presenting information on a wide range of topics related to this condition as well as joint damage.

The program for this year’s event includes five plenary sessions, six breakfast sessions, and sixteen concurrent sessions. A debate entitled “Should we treat pain or joint tissues?” will also be held on Saturday, April 20, and Dr. Marc Hochberg will speak on the treatment of pain and Dr. Steven Abramson will speak to the treatment of joint tissues.

According to the news release, more than 1,000 scientists, clinical investigators, clinicians, orthopaedists, radiologists, and others interested in osteoarthritis research are expected to attend the annual forum. The news release lists some of the event’s highlighted sessions and popular topics, including: Role of Biomechanics in Osteoarthritis; Weight Loss in OA: Role of Exercise; Pharmacology and Non-Pharmacology Therapy; and Integrative Medicine.

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Source: Osteoarthritis Research Society International