Physical Therapy, Exercise May Relieve Arthritis Pain

arthritisArthritis is the inflammation of the joints in one or more areas within the body that can cause pain, discomfort, and joint stiffness. For those who suffer from this difficult condition, a number of solutions may alleviate its symptoms. Osteoarthritis can affect most joints in the body, and joint stiffness is a significant complaint.

For patients suffering from joint stiffness or who have other mild arthritis symptoms, stretching and light physical activity as well as heat may help relieve discomfort. In addition, physical therapy may be greatly therapeutic. Combined with directed exercise, it can be helpful for certain conditions, such as shoulder, spine, and knee arthritis.

According to California-based physician James Davis, analgesics can also be used to control the accompanying pain and discomfort. For arthritis pain that is mild or moderate, acetaminophen either alone or combined with an anti-inflammatory drug, such as ibuprofen, may provide some relief. However, close medical supervision may be necessary with continued use of these drugs due to the possible side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs, so use caution.

Since arthritis patients may suffer more severe effects during the cold weather months, simply staying active may prevent joints from getting stiff and sore during the winter season. Gentle stretching activities appropriate for one’s age and fitness level and staying warm are also beneficial. Overall, with the help of physical therapy, exercise, and modern medicine, relief for those suffering from arthritis may be within reach for the New Year.

[Source: Santa Monica Mirror]