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New Fund-Raising Aims to Support Physical Therapy Research


The Foundation for Physical Therapy recently launched a unique fund-raising effort that allows students, faculty, and members of the community to raise money for physical therapy research. Called the “Log ‘N Blog for PT Research,” the student-driven fund-raiser aims to engage physical therapy programs across the country to not only raise funds for research but promote physical activity as well.

Created with the concept of training for a triathlon, participants will form teams, and team members will log the number of miles they each bike, swim, and run on the Log ‘N Blog website. For participants who are ready to exercise for an excellent cause, the logging of miles will begin January 22, and more information can be found by visiting, the website for the Foundation for Physical Therapy.

All funds raised through this fund-raising effort will support the foundation, which is the only national organization whose single purpose is to fund research supporting physical therapy. The Foundation for Physical Therapy has over the course of 30 years awarded more than $12 million to launch and fund the careers of hundreds of physical therapist researchers across the US. The group aims to support the countless researchers across the country who are developing innovative, new physical therapy treatment and approaches.

[Source: Foundation for Physical Therapy]