New FrozenPeaz Therapy Wrap Provides Natural Alternative to Pain Relief

shutterstock 64267285Etavonni Products recently launched a new product for nonpharmaceutical pain relief, described as a nontoxic hot and cold therapy product for managing pain. The FrozenPeaz Flexible Hot and Cold Therapy Wraps aim to be a “pill-free” way to relieve pain and reduce swelling for everyone from athletes and arthritis patients to active seniors. The FrozenPeaz products mimic the malleability of a bag of frozen vegetables, but the item delivers both hot and cold therapeutic benefits, particularly because doctors and sports trainers recommend hot therapy for increased circulation, stiff joints, and sore muscles. The FrozenPeaz Therapy Wraps are a natural alternative for pain relief available in multiple sizes and can assist in recovery from minor injuries and in postsurgery rehabilitation.

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