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Electronic Medical Records May Streamline Records Management for Physical Therapists

shutterstock emrElectronic medical records (EMRs) may be extremely beneficial for physical therapists as it can help streamline records management, billing, and documentation, especially for those with a private practice. Modern medical practices are slowly transitioning from paper to electronic records to save on space and to ease the ability to locate a patient’s records, all of which can create a more efficient approach to handling important records.

The benefits of utilizing electronic medical records are many, but one of the most notable is the time it may save. An EMR system reduces the amount of time a patient and physical therapist spend filling out paperwork, as these systems allow records to be entered quickly and updated with ease. The time a therapist may save using an EMR system can be used to treat their patients and be dedicated to patient care.

Another benefit of an EMR system in a physical therapy practice is it helps therapists more easily track a patient’s progress, rather than simply relying on memory.

In addition, an EMR system can be used and updated real-time, and can be integrated easily into offices that may only have a paper records system in place. This electronic system can be used for a variety of tasks, including coding, billing, and phoning in patient prescriptions. Physical therapist Nitin Chhoda states that as there are several types of EMR systems that have been released this year, it is best for physical therapists to explore different systems before deciding which is the best one to suit their needs.

Overall, electronic medical records may be the next best thing for efficient record keeping for physical therapists and can improve the efficacy of day-to-day office functions.


Souce: EMR News