Conference News

Annual Noraxon Research Symposium Focuses on Biomechanical, Kinesiological Research

Noraxon announces it will host its annual Research Symposium in Los Angeles, California on April 27 and 28. The symposium aims to introduce advanced concepts and knowledge as well as the execution of testing and findings in the area of biomechanical and kinesiological research through the use of lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on experience. Overall, the annual symposium will address the progression that is presently occurring in this area of research.

Topics scheduled to be presented this year at the Chris Powers’ Movement Performance Institute reflect the wide range and effective uses of kinesiological EMG, force distribution measurement, and other kinetic and kinematic applications. The symposium is geared to expedite the exchange of ideas, and participants will become more familiar with foundations that will enhance their current and future studies in academic, clinical, and lab-based research.

This year’s symposium is scheduled to include presentations by Dr. Chris Powers from the University of Southern California, Dr. Michael Hahn from the University of Oregon, and Dr. Ajit Chaudhari from Ohio State.  Due to the advanced level of presentation, an understanding of kinesiology and biomechanics is highly recommended. The 2-day Symposium of Research Professionals costs $99 per person and $50 for students.

More information is available by contacting (480) 443-3413.