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Bruce Werber, DPM, To Use Noraxon ML Technology Suite in 5 Studies

noraxonBruce Werber, DPM, is reportedly slated to conduct five peer-reviewed studies designed to determine the efficacy of Barefoot Science Technology using Noraxon USA Inc’s Motion Lab (ML) technology suite. Werber, former president of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, is recognized as a leading foot and ankle specialist, according to a recent Noraxon news release. Noraxon adds that a concurrent billing study will also be conducted.

The release notes that the Scottsdale, Ariz-based company’s multi-parametric solution blends measurement and training devices, including EMG, gait analysis, biofeedback and 2D/3D motion analysis in one software platform. The ML technology suite is comprised of wireless surface EMG, a pressure instrumented treadmill, two high definition cameras, and the new MyoMotion, a camera free 3D motion analysis. The company emphasizes that the goal driving the multi-component technology centers on offering complete insight into the musculoskeletal system and how it is biomechanically linked to the feet.

The treadmill is engineered to measure vertical and ground forces, underfoot pressure and temporal and special gait parameters, while surface EMG reveals muscle innervations, symmetry, and coordination. Additionally, the system’s 2D and 3D kinematic functionality is designed to track height, distances, angles, orientation, and linear acceleration.

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Source: Noraxon USA Inc