WCRI Plans Webinar About Lump-Sum Settlements for Workers’ Comp Cases

workers-compensation-research-instituteThe Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI), Cambridge, Mass, announced plans to host a discussion, scheduled for November 27 from 1 to 2 pm, about lump-sum settlements in workers’ compensation cases. Policymakers and other stakeholders often question whether these settlements help or hurt return to work for injured employees.

Bogdan Savych, author and public policy analyst at WCRI and host of the discussion, says this event is important because “We need to find out whether settlements discourage those injured workers who want to return to work from doing so, or assist them in closing this chapter of their life and moving on with their careers.”

Questions addressed in the discussion will reportedly include how settlements change the employment status of workers, how many injured workers employed at the time of the settlement stopped working shortly after receiving a lump sum, and how many workers who were not employed at the time of the lump sum were able to find employment. In addition, WCRI will aim to present the number of workers who exited employment in anticipation of the settlement, and whether response to the settlement differs with workers and/or claim characteristics.

Click here to register for the discussion. Webinars are $35 for WCRI members and $70 for non-members. Attendance is reportedly limited to 100 people, and all those at the event will receive a free copy of the slides. For those unable to attend, WCRI reports a recorded copy will be available for purchase.

Source: Workers Compensation Research Institute