Development of ACL Tear Cohorts May Hold Promise In OA Prevention

PubMedAnterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears may offer researchers opportunities to study potential interventions to prevent the initiation of heightened osteoarthritis (OA) risk at the time of injury, a recent study suggests. To further explore the feasibility of randomized controlled trials (RCT) for Early Arthritis Therapies (EARTH) involving ACL cohort tears, the cross-sectional study reportedly sought to test the hypothesis that adequate sample sizes of ACL-injured subjects to support RCT of early intervention strategies can be achieved.

According to researchers, 307 ACL-injured patients were entered into the database from 3-month collection periods at 7 clinical sites.A total of 65 subjects aged 18 years to 30 years old passed the study’s inclusion/exclusion criteria.

The study’s results suggest that 93% participants were willing to participant in an RCT. Researchers add that the study indicates adequate sample sizes to perform RCT of early intervention strategies in ACL-injured cohorts, comprised of health young adults aged 18 years to 30 years old without prior injuries, can be achieved within a year to 2 years through recruitment at 5 to 7 orthopaedic sports medicine practices.

The release notes that the continued development of ACL-tear cohorts may ultimately help build the clinical base to critically evaluate new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies to help prevent OA.

Source: PubMed