Legislation Requires Equal Insurance Reimbursement for Private Practices

According to EqualPay4EqualServices.com, health insurance companies pay private-practice physical therapy clinics 75% to 100% less than hospital-run clinics for the same services, and require patient co-pays that are up to five times higher than for hospital-based treatment. Physical therapists in private practices claim that health insurance carriers discriminate against small businesses by offering better contracts to hospital-based physical therapy providers.

Study Finds Cardiac Rehabilitation Boosts Longevity

Cardiac rehabilitation boosts longevity, according to Billie-Jean Martin, MD, a cardiac surgery resident and PhD candidate at the University of Calgarys Libin Cardiovascular Institute, Alberta, Canada. Martin announced this discovery at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress earlier this month.

APTA Introduces Clinical Practice Model Video Clips

According to the American Physical Therapy Organization (APTA), the health care environment has seen considerable changes in the past few years, which presents both opportunities and challenges for physical therapists. Because of this, APTA has introduced clinical practice models via video in order to prepare its members for health care integration.

Review Finds Benefits for Extra Physical Therapy

People with acute or subacute conditions experienced a shorter length of stay and improved functional outcomes when participating in extra physical therapy, according to a systematic review done by researchers at La Trobe University, Victoria, Australia.