Fundraising Helps Wounded Soldiers Rehabilitate

Nonprofit Soldier’s Angels draws on social media for a new fundraising project, which will provide adaptive laptops and other devices to aid in soldiers’ rehabilitation and recovery. Divided among four "virtual teams" named

Hospitals Gain Stroke Rehab Accreditation

Three Topeka, Kan, hospitals have been accredited by national and international organizations for their care of stroke patients. Kansas Rehabilitation Hospital was awarded approval by the Joint Commission for its treatment of stroke patients.&nbs

Survival Strategies Launches Training Program for PT Practices

Survival Strategies Inc, Burbank, Calif, a training and consulting firm for health care professions, recently launched The Acceleration & Stabilization Module, a training and implementation program designed to augment the company’s popular refe

Laser Gym System Can Lessen Back Pain, Increase Flexibility

The Core Laser™, from Laser Gym™, Santa Barbara, Calif, is a laser-guided belt that can be used to increase flexibility, core strength, and range of motion in the hips and lower back area, while decreasing back pain. Studying martia

California POPTS Supporters Agree to Compromise

California’s controversial physician-owned physical therapy (POPTS) bill was put on hold Monday, while its sponsor, Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi (D-Hayward), agreed to work with the bill’s opponents on a compromise.  The bill, kn

Ankota Launches TherapEZ Software for Home Therapy

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