CMS Defines Parameters of Onsite Visits

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently issued information regarding its new provider enrollment screening regulations, which have a description of the scope of activities contractors will perform during unannounced onsite vis

POPTS Support Letter Takes Aim at CPTA Position

Ancillary Care Solutions, a company that works with physician groups to improve the performance of therapy programs, has sent Physical Therapy Products a copy of a letter to California assemblywoman Mary Hayashi refuting opposition claims that a

Low Health Literacy Linked to Poorer Health, Study Finds

Low levels of health literacy in seniors is connected with poorer health status and a greater risk of death, according to a new report from HHS’ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). More than 75 million English-speaking adults in

Kentucky Law Prohibits Excessive Copays for PT Visits

Kentucky Gov Steve Beshear recently signed into law groundbreaking legislation that shields consumers from excessively high copays for physical therapy visits. Senate Bill 112 limits copayment or coinsurance amounts for visits to a physical the

New Stroke Therapy Approach Mixes Robotics and Rehab

Robotics technology maker Myomo Inc has launched a comprehensive program that helps neurologically impaired people move their arms again. The program features a neuro-robotic arm brace, an evidence based therapy program, an at-home program,

“Barefoot Running Professor” Joins Harvard Faculty

Irene Davis, PhD, a top expert on the biomechanics of running, has joined the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, Boston, as the director of the Spaulding National Running Center, and will hold a faculty position in the Department of Physical Medicin

New Online Contest Giving Away Barefoot Running Shoes

An online shoe seller is capitalizing on the recent barefoot running trend by giving away four pairs of specially designed shoes to minimalist shoe enthusiasts. To enter the contest, visit the blog Get in Gear contest and answe