3D Virtual Muscle Machine Helps Kids With Disabilities

Dr Dido Green of Tel Aviv University’s Department of Occupational Therapy is using a “virtual tabletop” called the ELEMENTS SYSTEM to “move” kids with disabilities and provide home-based treatments using virtual reality tools.

GLOW: Most Women Unaware of Elevated Risk for Fractures

The latest study from Global Longitudinal Study of Osteoporosis in Women (GLOW) found that women with an elevated risk for osteoporosis-associated fractures fail to perceive the implications of having important risk factors. This study, which inclu

Insurers Voluntarily Bridging Coverage Gap for Young Adults

HR 3590: Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 23, and requires a health plan that provides dependent coverage of children to make such coverage available for an unmarried, adult child unt

Routine Lifting May Delay Spinal Disc Degeneration

Tapio Videman, PhD, a researcher in the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Alberta, Canada, believes that pressure put on the spine that comes with frequent lifting does not cause disc degeneration. Videman has set out to dispu

MultiStim Touch Screen Muscle Stimulators from Metron Medical

Metron Medical Inc, Brea, Calif, offers its newest line of MultiStim Touch Screen Muscle Stimulators. The MultiStim features 50 user-defined programs and eight of the most common current waveforms, including interferential, Russian, and microcurren

Multi Radiance Medical Names New Director

Multi Radiance Medical, Solon, Ohio, developer and manufacturer of FDA-cleared therapeutic super pulsed laser devices, recently named Cliff Majni national sales director. Majni has spent over a decade in medical sales and sales management roles. H

Dance Therapy Improves Seniors Gait and Balance

For seniors, dancing isnt just for fun; it also can be therapeutic. Two recent studies conducted by University of Missouri researchers found that participation in dance-based therapy can improve balance and gait in older adults.

Multiple Sclerosis Drug to Improve Walking Now Available in US

An oral therapy to improve walking for patients with multiple sclerosis is now available in the United States. The FDA approved the drug, dalfampridine, on January 22, 2010. While other multiple sclerosis drugs work by decreasing the inflammation