Physical Activity May Be a Natural Pain Reliever for Arthritis

It may seem counterintuitive to exercise when suffering with joint pain, but physical activity is actually a natural pain reliever for most people suffering from arthritis, according to a recent study published in Arthritis Care and Research journal.

Exercise Helps Teenagers Feel Confident

Researchers have discovered a link between unconfident teenagers and a lack of exercise. Results were revealed at the recent British Psychological Society Annual Conference.

Tai Chi Can Help Control Type 2 Diabetes

The martial art of Tai Chi, which combines deep diaphragmatic breathing and relaxation with gentle movement, can improve Type 2 diabetes control, say researchers in Taiwan.

Walden Receives APTA Public Service Award

The American Physical Therapy Association presented Congressman Greg Walden (R-OR) with the 2008 APTA Public Service Award, recognizing his commitment to the profession of physical therapy.

Pitching Mound Height Affects Risk of Baseball Injuries

A study involving several Major League Baseball pitchers indicates that the height of the pitcher’s mound can affect the athlete’s throwing arm motion, which may lead to potential injuries because of stress on the shoulder and elbow.