According to a recent study, electronic sensors worn by non-helmeted sports players to measure head impacts may not be quick or accurate enough to measure more serious, angular hits to the head.
A new study suggests that, in children, short exercise sessions during otherwise sedentary periods may offset the effects from the lack of more sustained exercise.
A possible treatment for traumatic brain injury (TBI) could be the use of a specific high-powered, near-infrared light (NIR), a new study suggests.
950-240 BioStep 2 Male
Biodex Medical Systems Inc announces that it has updated its website focused on the senior living community.
Billing Dynamix LLC offers a new webinar to teach physical therapy practice owners and managers about its bestPT practice-management software.
A recent Concussion IQ Survey suggests that most US adults may have misconceptions and lack basic understanding about concussion.
Idaho PTA_education
NeuroRecovery Training Institute (NeuroRTI) announces that it will be offering a Certification in Neurological Clinical Practice program beginning January 11, 2016.
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Drive Medical announces that it has acquired the entire HurryCane product line from Minneapolis-based Marketing Architects.
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ActiveRx, a Westborough, Mass-based franchise with locations in eight states, announces that it is partnering with Rick Gawenda, PT.
The US Army Research Laboratory recently developed a Rate Actuated Strap (RAT Strap) that it suggests could help prevent the number of serious head injuries among National Football League (NFL) players.
A University of Montana research team recently received research funds to study traumatic brain injury (TBI).
University of Montana graduate student Lauren Astrup does lateral box jumps while demonstrating a physical therapy tool called The Bridge at UM’s motion science lab. The device was developed by associate professor Ryan Mizner, right, and a UM student. (Photo courtesy of University of Montana)
A new device developed to help rehabilitate athletes who have undergone a reconstruction of their anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is now patent-pending.
GAITRite RE portable walkway system.
CIR Systems Inc, Sparta, NJ, announces it has updated its line of products built for temporospatial gait analysis with the recent rollout of the GAITRite RE.
According to a recent study, male and female soccer players who injured their hamstrings have similar recovery times, but, depending on various factors, their return-to-play readiness times may differ.
The University of Mount Union, located in Alliance, Ohio, has installed a Vicon motion capture system into its new Motion Analysis Laboratory.
Pediatric therapy staffing firm Cobb Pediatric Therapy Services announces that it has once again been recognized by Inc. as one of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in America.
In a recent study, the researchers who first discovered irisin suggest that it circulates in the blood at nanogram levels and increases during exercise.
According to a large, multi-year study of men and their exercise habits, those who exercise a moderate amount may have a lower risk of heart failure.
A research team at the University of Pennsylvania notes that they have developed a polymer-based material that is designed to change colors depending on how hard it is hit.
According to sports medicine physicians, preparation before practice even begins is key to helping to reduce the risk of injury from participation in fall sports.