Brown University researchers have reportedly developed a candidate panel of blood biomarkers that can accurately signal mild traumatic brain injury within hours using standard lab arrays.
Athletico Physical Therapy recently opened its third Chatham, Ill-based location.
Individuals who have sustained serious head injuries exhibit changes in brain structure that resemble those seen in older people, research says.
A study at the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) indicates that hip replacement may serve as an option to relieve pain and improve function in juvenile arthritis patients under the age of 35 years old.
An ATI Physical Therapy news release reports that Matt Smith Physical Therapy has joined ATI Physical Therapy; the acquisition adds that state of Nevada to the ATI team, which includes 12 outpatient physical therapy clinics located in the Las Vegas Valley.
The new AliMed Worry-Free Fall Alarm, available through AliMed Inc, is powered by a sealed-in, 2-year battery and designed to use one battery for the life of the alarm.
Individuals who experience migraine headaches with auras may face double the risk of sustaining stroke, according to a news release issued by Loyola University Health System.
Study results indicate patients recovering from an acute lower back sprain who kept a pain diary reported a slower recovery than those who did not record their symptoms.
In a recent news release, SoutheastHEALTH announced that Southeast Hospital’s stroke care program has earned Stroke Center Level II designation through Missouri’s Time Critical Diagnosis (TCD) System.
Research findings by the University of Warwick may pave the way for a blood test for osteoarthritis (OA), allowing patients to be tested and diagnosed several years prior to the onset of physical symptoms.
A recent study by Federal researchers indicates that among blast-injured troops, decreased ability to identify specific odors can help predict abnormal neuroimaging results.
Ground was recently broken on a new 10,000 square-foot wing at Woodhaven Nursing, Alzheimer’s and Rehabilitation Center on Pine Run Drive in Lumberton, NC, for the short-term rehabilitation program.
The Skil-Care Ex-Box, available through, is engineered to provide a convenient platform to enable a variety of strength-training, range-of-motion, flexibility-enhancing, and coordination exercises for children and adults.
New insight into the brain’s immune system may help pave the way for new treatments for stroke and other related conditions, according to The University of Manchester scientists.
Santa Rosa Orthopaedics (SRO), Santa Rosa, Calif, recently announced the opening of its new satellite medical office and Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center, slated for April 1.
A foot-worn device featuring biomechanical technology targets sustained relief of knee and back pain.
During the month of March, the Military Health System (MHS) is focusing its efforts on the issue of traumatic brain injury (TBI).
The University of Puget Sound recently announced its intent to move forward with its plans to enhance its athletics facilities, including the addition of a new aquatics center and expansion of its fitness center.
A procedure developed by computer scientists in Sarrbrücken is designed to stimulate, in a lifelike manner, which muscles and joints are put under particular strain when using IT devices.
Recent research conducted by the Kessler Foundation describes Actual Reality as a new tool for assessing performance of activities of daily living (ADL) in individuals with traumatic brain injury (TBI). Study uses Internet-based tech to assess performance on “instrumental” ADLs.