Proper warm-up following screening is important prior to intervention. Many athletes with knee pain prefer lower-impact work on an elliptical. Those with hip impingement or labral injuries should avoid excessive cycling, and will warm up on an elliptical as well.
Building an effective intervention means utilizing a functional approach, with focus on the demands of a given sport in correlation with findings from the screen.
A new study may be opening the door to the possibility of someday developing drugs that mimic the benefits of exercise.
Wearing a helmet may significantly reduce the odds of severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) after a bicycle accident.
Mike Studer, PT, Chair of the APTA's Geriatric Section Balance and Falls Special Interest Group, covers the “why, who, what, and how” of balance and fall prevention.
A recent study questions the benefits of rehabilitation following removal of immobilization after an ankle fracture.
MOTION PT Holdings, a portfolio company of Pharos Capital Group LLC, has recently acquired Bradley & Monson Physical Therapy. Transaction terms were not disclosed.
HotPaC with terry cover and towels used with a static hamstring stretch.
With a combined arsenal of hot/cold therapy and topical products, physical therapists can help manage pain from its source.
Data Bridge Market Research has released a new global market report on orthopedic braces and supports.
The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) Board of Directors, per a news release, has approved new Appropriate Use Criteria (AUCs) for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury prevention programs and treatment.
A team of neurologists from UCLA suggests in a new study that a diet high in processed fructose may play a role in one’s ability to heal after a TBI.
Biodex Medical Systems Inc announces that it has developed a new software update for its System 3 and 4 Multi-Joint System that helps manage hamstring injury risk.
North American Seminars Inc offers a master-level course about treating foot and ankle disorders.
OPTP, Minneapolis, has published the 34th edition of its semi-annual professional catalog.
Biodex Medical Systems Inc is offering a workshop, titled, “Concussion in Youth Sports,” November 7 at its corporate offices in Shirley, NY.
Adolescents who perform just 8 to 10 minutes of high-intensity exercise three times per week might significantly reduce their risk of developing heart conditions, a new study suggests.
A Florida State University (FSU) professor details in a new study how a weight training regimen may possibly help breast cancer survivors regain their strength following cancer treatment and physical inactivity.
A recent article in Forbes magazine lists physical therapists among the top 10 “toughest jobs to fill in 2016.”
Paul R. Langer, DPM, podiatrist at Minneapolis-headquartered Twin Cities Orthopedics, is one of four doctors nationwide offering 3D-printed orthotics.
Findings from a recent study suggest that sitting for 6 straight hours impairs the vascular function in the legs, but a 10-minute walk could help reverse it.
Athletico Physical Therapy, headquartered in Oak Brook, Ill, announces that it has renewed its contracts to provide care to athletes in the Big Ten Conference, Chicago Bears, and Northwestern University Athletics.